Our Technology


Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable the dentist to show the patient an enlarged image of an individual tooth or an entire smile on a computer screen. The camera is located in the tip of the intraoral wand and transmits real-time video for the patient and dentist to review.  This camera is an important aspect of patients’ dental care. Intraoral technology can help the patient and the dentist uncover problems before they become serious. This is a crucial part of conservative and preventative dental treatment. This saves money, and it may save teeth! For example, it is easy to see cracks in old amalgam fillings which are not visible with x-rays. More importantly, it allows the patient to view this and other types of problems in detail and immediately realize that the condition needs to be corrected before it becomes worse. The intraoral camera can be very useful in detailing what needs to be done to alter, change or enhance your smile using various procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry. 

In our office, we do a complete examination on all new patients using the intraoral camera. We take a complete series of photos of all teeth and store them in the computer for future reference. These are done in addition to the standard x-rays. We do not charge the patients for these intraoral camera photos. They are invaluable as a supplement to any patient treatment plan, because the patient can understand them completely. It is an impartial assistant at the side of the dentist. We feel it is one of the reasons that we are able to give excellent service to our patients.



In our never ending pursuit of providing our patients with the latest technological advancements in dentistry, we are pleased to announce the addition of our new, 3-D CBCT scanning machine. This new machine produces superb diagnostic 3-D images which aids in identifying the precise location of an infection in or around your tooth, detecting lesions that may indicate serious disease like cancer, diagnosing airway sleep disorders, and evaluating your sinuses, nasal cavity and bone quality for optimal dental implant placement. 

This same machine helps capture panoramic x-rays as well.

All while using a “GREEN” ultra low dose of radiation keeping our patients safe!



iTero 3D Digital Impressions

Shore Dental Arts is Proud to Introduce 3D Scanning Technology!!

Let’s face it, nobody likes getting a dental impression or “mold” of their teeth done. They can be messy, leave a bad aftertaste and even make some people gag.  Traditional dental impressions are uncomfortable for many people and that’s why our Doctors use the iTero 3D scanner instead.  Our goal is to do everything possible to make orthodontic treatment a pleasant experience and our patients appreciate that we have virtually eliminated dental impressions in our office.  Getting braces or Invisalign just got easier!

Unlike dental impressions or “molds” that often need to be repeated to get an acceptable result, our 3D scanner creates an accurate 3D model every time, no “retakes” are needed.  An accurate impression is essential for effective treatment planning and orthodontic care.

 Our iTero 3D Scanner captures the contours of teeth and gum anatomy, producing an extremely accurate 3D digital model in just minutes.  This increased accuracy results Invisalign aligners and retainers that are more effective and more comfortable to wear.

The 3D model is then used for measuring/analyzing your bite and fabricating orthodontic devices such as Invisalign aligners and retainers.  Instead of mailing your models to a lab, the file is emailed, which allows a faster turnaround for your Invisalign treatment!

The 3D scanning process is painless, uses no radiation and allows us to stop scanning at anytime should someone need to rest their jaw.   You can breathe and swallow normally during the scanning process.  The 3D image of your teeth appears on the screen in real-time.  We can even show you how your teeth will look after treatment by straightening your teeth virtually and in 3D!  The accuracy and detail of the iTero scan vs a traditional impression is kind of like watching HDTV over standard definition TV.  Say goodbye to messy, uncomfortable dental impressions and no more gagging!


Benefits of 3D Scanning:


By its name alone, the Nomad is a portable unit. We prefer the Nomad x-ray units over the wall-mounted ones for many reasons. Most patients prefer this unit to wall-mounted ones. Its small size makes it look less threatening in comparison to larger and bulkier models. Older machines will usually require the practitioner or staff to move to the next room. This is because constant exposure high levels of radiation can put their health at risk. Most patients, especially young kids would rather have someone with them during this process. The operator can stay with the patient during the procedure because the Nomad has internal radiation shielding and an external backscatter shield. Therefore, the operator is safe from radiation, thanks to the safe zone that this machine provides. This allows us to stay with the patient and offer reassurance. Nomad x-ray units are best when taking radiographs of children and individuals with medical conditions that keep them from sitting still for long periods of time. This includes people who suffer from back pain, muscular-skeletal diseases, ADHD, Autism, or anxiety. The Nomad takes radiographs faster than conventional x-ray units. We have noticed it can reduce the amount of retakes required because it minimizes unwanted movements. It also provides great image quality, which makes it easier to diagnose oral conditions.